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Holmes Services 5301 Highway 51 N. Memphis, Tn. 38127 901-357-1200

Liquid & Solid Waste Haulers Hydro Sewer Jetting Hydro Blasting Services upto 20,000 psi
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We provide expert vacuum services for all of our clients.

Whether you need vacuum loading or air moving service, contact Holmes Services today for reliable service.


Get a look at what’s inside your sewer system.

Not sure why your sewer is clogged? Call us to schedule a video inspection today; let us unclog your sewer.


Blast through buildup with our hydro blasting power.

Hydro blasting cuts through the toughest of buildup. Contact us for professional hydro blasting services

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    • Industrial Vacuum Loaders
    • Dry Vacuum Services
    • Video Pipeline Inspection
    • Hydro Sewer Cleaning
    • Hydro Blasting up to 20,000 PSI
    • Sludge Pumping and De-Watering
    • Septic Tank Cleaning
    • Grease Traps