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Vacuum Trucks


Vacuum trucks are designed for loading liquid and semi-liquid waste with solid content, such as:

Septic Tanks
Grease Traps
Catch Basins
Wash Pits
Sand Traps
Settling Pits

The vacuum truck comes equipped with a tilt dump allowing for fast unloading on site. The dump opens and disposes through the rear much like a dump truck, ensuring all waste material has been removed. Whether requirements are for an air-move or liquid vacuum truck, Holmes Services has the vacuum equipment for your needs.



Air-Movers and Dry Vacs


Air-moving is a vacuuming process by which materials contained in tanks, containers, and surface impoundments are loaded by pneumatic conveyance (that is, vacuuming with controlled velocity). The air-mover can convey almost any material that will fit in an 8 in. hose. A few examples of the types of material frequently encountered are bricks, grease and tar, wood chips, heavy sludges found in lift stations, and sewer mains and many forms of dry material..
The air-mover is much faster than labor and more versatile than utilizing a liquid vacuum truck. The air-mover includes vacuuming material from a considerable distance of up to 700 feet, depending on the weight of the material, and to a depth of 100 feet. This is a more efficient loading time of heavy slurry material, and the need to dilute or slurry the materials with water is minimal.